5 Must Have Products For a College Student

Thanks to Pilot for sending me all these awesome products.  I know  having the right writing instruments is essential to taking good notes and creating good study habits.  Here are my 5 must have for a college student

1. FriXion Clicker erasable pens 

One of Pilot's most exciting and innovative pens, FriXion Clicker erasable pen is perfect for students for all ages heading back to the classroom. Unlike the old-school, erasable pens of the past that broke your paper and left eraser shavings, the FriXion Clicker is the pen of the future, using special thermo-sensitive ink to allow unlimited do-overs in the classroom. In addition to being a must-have tool, this is a great pen with an even greater cause! Pilot has partnered with national non-profit STOMP Out Bullying and Disney XD to encourage freedom of expression and to help erase bullying in schools. Pilot is donating a minimum of $125,000 to Stomp Out Bullying during Back to School 2015 and 2016. 

2.FriXion Light erasable highlighters 

Perfect for late night study sessions, FriXion Light allows students to highlight, erase and re-highlight to get their study sessions just right. FriXion Light also takes the stress out of buying textbooks, making it easier than ever to get money back on textbooks by allowing students to highlight, annotate, erase and resell! Available in yellow, orange, pink, blue and green AND pastel options. 

3.G2 pens 

The ultimate pen for the everyday overachiever, G2 is America's no. 1 selling and longest writing Go-2 gel pen. With smooth, lasting gel ink, a comfortable grip and retractable tip, 4 point sizes and 14 vibrant colors, the G2 provides students countless opportunities for personalization and precision. Personalization in the classroom (and everyday life) is key! Not only does it make a student stand out, color-coding notes has been shown to have measurable effects on students' retention of information -- integrating some of G2's 14 colors into your work can transform you into a much more efficient and effective learner!

4. Dr. Grip

We know the toll tedious note taking and furious essay writing can take on any college student's hand. Dr. Grip is the no. 1 selling ergonomic pen in the United States, offering unsurpassed comfort and alleviating writing fatigue and joint stress making tests and lectures a breeze. 


Pilot's Bottle-2-Pen (B2P) is the perfect eco-friendly back-to-school tool that gives back to the earth via recycling plastic water bottles into functional and refillable pens. B2P Gel ink pens and B2P Ball Point pens are made from 89% and 83% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles respectively. They write smoothly, have vibrant inks and are 100% refillable so you can help write the next chapter for a cleaner planet. Key products in the B2P Line include: B2P Gel, B2P Ball Point and B2P Colors.

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