Feeling Fresh: Important Skincare Products For The Fall and Winter

Our skin has different needs throughout the year, and when we enter into a new season it’s a good time for a bit of a change up. Now the weather is cooling down, and central heating starts coming back on again, skin tends to become drier. And without the right care it can become sore, or even cause premature aging. If you’re looking to refresh your skincare routine in time for fall and winter, here are a few of the products to consider.

Gentle Exfoliator
Dry skin can lead to flaking and general dullness. A good exfoliator will slough off any dead cells, leaving a much fresher and more healthy looking complexion behind. You could use a facial scrub or a facial brush to do this. Either way, keep it as gentle as possible as harsh scrubbing will leave your face sore, and will actually make dryness worse.

It’s important to use SPF all throughout the year, even in the fall and winter. This is because the sun's UV rays aren’t just damaging in the summer. An SPF will protect your skin and prevent premature aging. If this is a step you’re likely to forget over the colder months, then choose a foundation, BB cream or moisturizer which has an SPF included. That way you kill two birds with one stone.

Lip Balm
The lips are the one area that are likely to show dryness first. In cold weather they can become cracked, chapped and bleed- which not only doesn’t look great but is also really painful too! A good quality lip balm will help to protect and hydrate them. Using a lip scrub or gently brushing the surface of the lips with an old toothbrush will help to remove any dryness. It will make your lip balm more efficient, and lipstick will sit better too! Stock up and make sure you always have one on you! In your handbag, in your desk at work, on your bedside table. That way you’re not caught short, and can keep your lips protected over the colder months.

Facial Oil
Oils that are specially designed for the face are massively hydrating and nourishing. However unlike regular oils, don’t clog the pores or leave the skin feeling greasy or sticky. Instead they absorb quickly and provide an amazing moisture boost to the skin. Using a facial oil each evening before bed can prevent the skin from drying out and keep it at it’s best. If you can’t find slightly more specialist products like this on the high street, you could try a beauty supply store or a department store.

Rich Moisturizer
A light moisturizer is all you really need for the daytime, this will sit nicely under makeup without making it slide off! But in the evening, an intensely rich product is a good choice. You apply this after your facial oil has sunk in, and it delivers another hydrating boost to the skin as well as everything else your skin needs. If you’re worried about the signs of aging, a good anti-aging moisturizer will also contain ingredients to help smooth fine lines.

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Eye Cream

Finally an eye cream should be used all year round, but it’s especially important not to forget over the fall and winter. The delicate under eye area is prone to dryness and damage, and so a good eye cream will help to protect against this.

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