Time to Put Your Feet Up and Relax! The Perfect Couples Movie Night

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Whether you’ve just started dating or have been together for years, a movie night with your other half is always a good idea! It’s cheap, convenient and you don’t have to move off the sofa- what’s not to love? Especially after a long week, when going out or doing anything energetic feels like far too much hassle. Now the weather is cooling down and the nights are drawing in quicker, it’s the perfect chance to start introducing couples movie nights back into your routine. Want to plan the perfect night in for you and your loved one? Here are a few things to think about when setting it up.

You will, of course, need some movies to watch! You could search the best Netflix movies, or pick up a DVD when you’re at a store. Alternatively, you could keep your eye out a few days before your night in, and see if anything good is being shown on tv. That way you can record it on your cable/ satellite box ready for the evening. All you have to do is then decide on what you are going to watch! If you have very different tastes, you could each pick a film and watch them both during the night. Or watch one this time and the next on the next movie night.

Food and Drinks
Let's face it, one of the best parts about a movie night is scoffing the delicious snacks. You could whip up something during the day- Pinterest has lots of ideas for this kind of thing. You could order in some fast food if you were feeling lazy, or just pour some snacks and finger foods into bowls. Either way, the food is an essential thing to get right for your couples night! For drinks, you could go with a few alcoholic beverages. Or if you don’t drink (or have work the next day!) something like hot chocolate would be perfect for this time of year.

Cozy Seating
Plenty of cushions, throws and pillows will get your seating area as comfy as possible. Things like throws can wear out, and cushions can become flat over time. If you have found that this is the case with yours, you could look into completely replacing them. Plush, soft cushions and new snuggly blankets are always a delight, and the perfect accompaniment to your couples movie night!

Scented Candles
Not only do scented candles make the room smell nice, but the soft glow is always kind of romantic which is nice when you are spending the evening with your loved one. Candles help to set the ambiance and make everywhere feel extra cozy. If you’re all about fragrance, you could also use wax burners. These allow you to mix and match scents better than full candles.

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Do you include a couples movie night as part of your routine? What are your essentials for a great night in?

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