#PrinceofPeace and the Power of Prayer

In 2016, I went to the dermatologist for a routine visit.  During this visit, they found a spot on my back and removed it.  Two weeks later, I got the call that forever changed my life.  I had malignant melanoma, also known as CANCER. I was told I would need surgery to see if all of the cancer could be removed.  I was devastated. Cancer?  Me? I immediately dropped to my knees and began to pray.  I then called my sister, in tears, to tell her the news of my diagnosis.  During our phone call, she told me she would pray for me and ask the members of her church to pray for me, too.

Over the next several weeks, I let my the rest of my family know, I had cancer.  I also told a few close friends.  They all said, "we are praying for you."   I was still scared.  I had heard so many stories about cancer:  chemotherapy, radiation, and the ultimate fact that I might die. I have a teenage son with autism and I also have custody of my teenage granddaughter,  Surely, Jesus Christ would not take me from them.  They needed me.

I decided to tell my friend, Chip.  I have known Chip for many years.  Chip has devoted his life to Jesus Christ and lives in Ukraine, where he helps those with addiction and PTSD.   Chip asked, "did you pray for healing?"  I told him yes.  He then let me know that I needed to do this daily.  I needed to ask others to pray with me.  I needed to ask others to pray FOR me.  This was how prayer worked.

Mind you, I have always believed in the power of prayer and I have prayed for others, as well as my self.  After speaking with Chip, my praying was almost constant.  I was told to be specific in my prayers.

Not only was I praying, I had people all over the world praying for me.  I felt touched.  I knew my Savior, Jesus Christ there looking over me as I had had my surgery.  I know He was guiding the surgeon's hands, as well as everyone in the operating room.  I felt His presence,  This was exactly what I had asked Him for.

Two weeks later, I got the results of my biopsy and I no longer had cancer.  I knew this was because of all the prayers I had asked for and because of all the prayers on my behalf.

I have always believed in the power of prayer.  This whole situation with cancer has taught me more about the power of prayer and brought me closer to Jesus.  It is such a good feeling, too.  It is one you cannot gain without Jesus in your life,

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  1. Prayer can have a huge effect on a person's wellbeing whir theyresick