Looking and Feeling More Beautiful

There is a lot of talk on how to make ourselves more attractive. Lotions, potions and grueling workouts all make claims that say we will look beautiful. But what about feeling beautiful? While there is no doubt that certain products and behaviours affect our looks, what about our feelings? It’s no secret that some of the most beautiful people in the world may feel just as insecure and self-conscious as anyone else. Taken to its highest conclusion, we might wonder why we make any effort to look beautiful at all! If there is a chance that we will still feel unattractive whatever we look like, then why bother? But don’t lose hope.

The key to looking beautiful is now recognized as beginning from within. Feeling beautiful is half the battle of looking beautiful. Our confidence and graceful self-assurance radiates outwards. If you want to feel beautiful all the time, there are some inner attitude changes that should be coupled with any outer changes. Read on to find out how!

Handling insecurities

It is important to recognize that everyone experiences insecurities. From those who you feel may have achieved their health goals right through to those who are just beginning, everyone has hang ups. It is a particularly common complaint to simply want what you don’t have. Straight-haired girls will often spending hours curling their hair, for example, while curly-haired girls spend hours straightened theirs! There is no harm in self improvement or aiming to make changes that we will feel will genuinely benefit us. What becomes a problem is if this desire becomes so distracting that we become anxious or demoralized by it. Handling your insecurities usually has many steps and facets. We should try to approach them in several ways. Consider first whether there is a physical option you want to apply.

These can all be positive steps if we genuinely feel the insecurity can be entirely solved physically. But more often than not it will involve an attitude change too. Always consider your insecurities from a psychological perspective too. If you really want to change something about yourself, think deeply about why. If it is because you don’t measure up in the eyes of others, then it is not truly your decision. If it is because you are aiming for perfection, you are also likely to be disappointed. After considering the source of the problem carefully, you may find that it can be better solved with soul searching.

Gaining muscles

When people think about feeling more beautiful, they often think only of things like weight loss when it comes to exercise. Of course, exercise has many more benefits for those looking to feel more beautiful than simple weight loss. Cardiovascular exercises help make your skin look much healthier, and it encourages a good night’s sleep - something that can help you look more beautiful in a big way.

But putting on some more muscle can also have a big effect on how beautiful you feel. For one thing, like any type of good exercise, it boosts your mood and general self-esteem, which is essential in this area. So there’s no way you should dismiss a little bit of bodybuilding when it comes to feeling better about yourself! So what’s stopping you? Perhaps the dumbbells you’re currently using are too heavy, or not heavy enough. Which adjustable dumbbells are the best? You need to research this if you want to ensure the best results, otherwise it may take you way too long to put on any muscle - and you may even injure yourself trying!

Eating clean

Eating nourishing, healthy foods has a profound effect on the way we look and feel. There have now been numerous studies that link poor diet with depression and anxiety. No matter how beautiful we may look on the outside, if we are not fuelling our body effectively then we will feel weak and underwhelming. The beauty we have on the outside will also quickly fade if we are not supporting our bodies. Consider carefully whether you are eating in a balanced way and work to address it. Consider getting the professional advice of a nutritionist to help you meet your health goals if you feel overwhelmed. Many people make the mistake of feeling they have addressed their diet simply by eating less. While certain cuts to a diet can be beneficial, such as limiting sugar and salt, we should not think that simply reducing calories is a good diet.

Most of us will find that there are certain food groups that we are not getting nearly enough of. Many of us will find we must almost double our vegetable intake to achieve our vitamins and minerals. Fiber is also often severely lacking in western diets unless we regularly eat a range of grains. The health of our gut is crucial to both our looks and our mood!

Thinking positively of others

Comparing ourself the others can be the enemy of both our health and beauty. There is a certain level of comparison that might inspire us to work harder. But we should not allow this to spiral into jealousy or even self-loathing. The achievements of others are actually not relevant to us. They do not diminish our own and we should try to be sincerely happy when others achieve their goals. We would want the same for ourselves. Thinking positively of others feels like a weight has been lifted. We cannot ever achieve our goals in our own life if we are heavily fixated on the lives of others. Our only real interest in the lives of others should be to celebrate happiness and help where possible. Almost anything else inevitably leads to suffering.

We all want to be happy, and happiness is a source of health and beauty. If we want to look beautiful, feeling happy is important. But if we want to feel beautiful, happiness and contentment are invaluable. Stop comparing yourself to others and focus on your own goals. Congratulate your accomplishments and successes, however small. Don’t dwell on setbacks but try to get quickly back on track after learning from your mistake. This attitude gives us both purpose and positivity. Feeling unattractive often comes from a loss of drive or purpose. Taking control of our life and especially our attitude is extremely empowering. We will look and feel more beautiful than ever if we are content and in control.

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