Fun for the Kids with My Town:Farm

This is a sponsored post.

I told you about My Town: Pets last week.  I have some GREAT news for you.  I am going to tell you about MyTown:Farm.  I like this app for kids because it has NO ADS!  Can you say hooray?

I enjoyed playing this before I handed it off to my son.  It has all kinds of adventures for your child on the farm.   Cows moo, roosters crow and hens lay eggs in the barn.  There are many scenes in this app for your child to enjoy.

You can go inside the farm house or in the garden.  I was most impressed with the leaf blower.  It sounded just like a LEAF BLOWER.

There are so many things you can do with My Town: Farm! In the farmhouse you have a  living room and kitchen, you can go upstairs or downstairs and each room has its own interactive things going on.  

I like how everything is laid out perfectly in this app.  You can see the arrows of the room or place you want to go next.  I think that is very helpful for any child(and apparently any adult) to have.  I love apps that any child can play and figure out how to play what is being shown.  

Not only will this keep your child entertained,but it is a learning experience ,too. that is a big plus in my book.  Hurry now to the Google Play Store, AmazonItunes and download yours now.  You  kids will enjoy it.  And NO ADS to worry about!  

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