My Town: Pets , An App For Kids

This is a sponsored post.

I had the opportunity to review the app My Town: Pets.    This is an app for kids that you can buy on Google Play Or iOS.  It is rated E for everyone.

The app is designed for kids who have pets or going to adopt a pet.  The dogs bark, the cats meow and the birds chirp.  My son really enjoyed hearing the sounds of the animals.

You adopt your pet from the My Town Animal Shelter.  You can choose the member of the family you want to do all the tasks with the pet,  Of course, we chose a boy that looked like him.  Your first stop is the My Town vet for a check up.   You can also take your pet for a spa day,  My son picked a dog,  After the vet, he took the dog to the spa,  He was able to use the interactive tools to wash his dog,

You can take your dog to the park! I love how this app emulates role play and the fact that you are caring for a pet.  The spa lets you get things like clothing or cool collars.

My Town: Pets is a great app to have to entertain your child and teach them the way to care for their pets.  It is not all fun and games, especially when you have to pick up the dog's mess in the app.  That is a reality!

Taking care of a pet can be fun, but we must teach our youngsters that there is more to caring for a pet than just feeding and walking them.  This app does exactly that.

It is available on Google Play and Itunes for $2.99.    If you are thinking about adopting a pet, I recommend getting this app for your child.  Download now and give your child a good life experience.

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