How Many Apps Do You Need?

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How many apps do you have on your device?. I must say, I have quite a few on my phone.  Apps directly link us to our favorite online games, shopping and even doctors.  It was quite nice when I was able to use my phone to see a doctor using Amwell a few weeks ago at 2 AM.  Convenience was definitely key to using the Amwell app.  I was able to see a doctor in fifteen minutes from the comfort of my home.  

I love my Words With Friends app.  I am a word person and having the app to play the game on my phone is quite handy.  I can play anywhere I go and I am not isolated to only playing on my computer.  Don't laugh.  I know you have the Candy Crush app on your phone.

Whether you use Google Play,Itunes, Amazon or Windows, there are millions of apps you can download to your phone, tablet, Ipad, or computer.  Everything from your banking app to fun and games.  I know we all have games on our phones for our kids.  I know I do.  I have the My Town: Pets app on mine.

No matter your age, there is an app you have on your device, whether it be for personal or business use.   Have you ever heard of the Ask Bongo app? Bongo is a super intelligent monkey from the shores of Borneo, who lives to dish the dirt 24/7! Get an answer to any question anytime! Bongo knows EVERYTHING about EVERYONE! 
It’s super simple to use Ask Bongo

Simply send your FULL NAME & TOWN and instantly be amazed with his knowledge! It’s freaky what Bongo knows!  Let me know your thoughts if you have this app and have used. It has definitely peaked my curiosity.

Technology has  come a long way and apps are a big part of that.  I am one of those people that use an app for most anything.  I am actually writing this post using an app!  I know the use of apps has skyrocketed.  Every day I see new apps and I have tried quite a few, only to delete them r see that they are full of ads and slow down my phone.  I keep the basic apps on my deice.  It sure does make life easier when you can check you bank balance from an app on your phone.  And if you have some time on your hands you can read a book or play a game,right from your favorite app.

What are the most used apps on your phone or device?


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