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This is a sponsored post. 
If you want to make money blogging,  you have to  be knowledgeable about a  lot of things.  You can definitely make money, but you have to know how to monetize your blog. Here are ways to make money blogging.


There are many affiliates out there.  You can monetize a crafting posting by linking the products you have used to make the craft to your Amazon associates account.   You can do the same with posts that contain recipes!  Say you are making these super yummy cupcakes.  You can link your favorite cupcake liners or baking pan on Amazon.  Your reader clicks on that link,buys the pan and BOOM, you make a commission.

There is an affiliate program for most any store or business on the web.  Always check out the affiliate section of your favorite brand online and start making those commissions now.

I personally prefer Amazon, because they have EVERYTHING and it's an easy sell.  Plus, they have great sales on products we all love.  It's a win-win.  Make a Top Ten List of most anything(toys, coffee lovers, gifts for Mom, Valentine's Day) and link the best selling products and craft an interesting story that will entice your readers to to click those links and BUY BUY BUY!  Watch the money roll in!

Sponsored Posts

There are many agencies that you can sign up with for sponsored work.  Activate by Bloglovin', She Speaks, Tap Influence and Find Your Influence are the all reliable sources for sponsored posts.  Sponsored means you are getting paid to write a particular post assigned to you by that agency.   Sign up with these agencies and watch your email for the money making opportunities.

If you are wanting to reach out to a specific brand, you can check out public relations agencies.  Say I want to work with a particular toy company.  I can use Google search to find the agency that handles their PR and send them my proposal for a sponsored post.  I know that Nancy Behrman  of Behrman PR  handles public relations  for Burt's Bees.  I would reach out to her with my proposal for sponsored work and get paid to write about a product I love.  Building a solid working relationship with someone like Nancy Behrman can definitely get your foot in the door to work with other clients her firm represents.


You can install widgets and coding to have ads on your blog and make money.  Depending on your page views and the ad network,you can definitely make money no matter how big or small your blog is.  My mantra for any new blogger wanting to monetize on ads, Pennies make dollars.

Don't be afraid to try and monetize your blog!  Write engaging content and find the way that will best suit you and your niche and start making that money.


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