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When I was growing up, I envisioned the world we lie in today, something like what you would see in The Jetsons.  Who knew how many things would actually be as automated as they are in this millennium.  Most everyone has a smart phone, a computer or some type of device that connects to the Internet.  Gone are the days of looking things up in an encyclopedia.  Google is the new Encyclopedia Britannica.

In today's business world, we have so many things that are automated.  Some say this has caused people to lose their jobs or a company does not hire as many people. I disagree with this.

I think businesses are thriving today because of technological advances.  I think factories are much more efficient making things and making them precisely.   This means the worker has to have much more skill to operate machinery and we are not using workers that do not have some type of college or technical school education.  More skills means more pay, which is good for the workers.

Think about all the types of businesses in the United States.   No matter if it is a large corporation or a small business, there is use of automation that makes the business much more proficient.  You do not have to wait several days for your colleague to get that contract in the mail.  You can send it in an email.   This frees up workers to be much more customer service oriented.  if you work in a car dealership,m you can close a deal in a few hours.  In 1980, you went to the car dealership and filled out all the paperwork and they called you a few days later to let you know if you had been approved for a  car loan.  I think this makes things much more personal when you can spend more time with your customers.  You earn their respect and trust, and that is key in a business.

The people that make those cars, whether they be engineers that come up with the design of the car,
 or the factory worker that puts it together,  cars of today are much more efficient.  Gas mileage, air bags, back up cameras,to name a few, are the advances we have made in automation of the car industry.

I think automation is great in your home.  I recently bought a new washer and I was totally surprised to find out that it uses hardly any water versus that monster that took 40 gallons of water or more to wash a load of clothes.  Our appliances are much more efficient with our natural resources.  This means we pay less  when we use less.  That is winning to me.  Check out this article by Andrew Charlton .  It talks about how why machines won't generate mass unemployment.  I agree with him 100%.  What do you think?  Leave me a comment and let me know.


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