Addiction: A Family Affair

Addiction.  The one word no parent, sibling, husband, or wife wants to hear.  Addiction is very hard on families because the addiction is usually to alcohol, street drugs, or prescribed drugs.  Not all addicts are able to recover without help from a treatment facility.  And, sometimes that does not work.  I recently had a close family member in treatment for 15 months.  I thought she was doing great!  Two weeks after her release, she was back on the drugs she had sought help to stop using.  I cannot begin to tell you how this has affected my family.

There are varying opinions on addicts.  They did it to themselves, they chose that drug or alcohol, etc.  if it was that easy to get over, why are people dying in the streets in the Untied States.  I think we need to do more to help addicts.  NOBODY wants to be an addict, no one wants to have to have a substance control their life.  You have to learn about coping skills. You have to learn about what triggers you to want to use.  There are so many factors  to help an addict get in recovery and get the help they need to stay sober.  And stay sober for the rest of their life.

Giving someone Narcan that had overdosed and offering no other kind of mental health or medical help is not the answer.  We have way too many treatment facilities all over the United Sates for our loved ones to be dying from addiction.  I don't want another family member or another friend to go through addiction. It takes over your life and the people that love you. It puts relationships and trust to the test.  I have a very god friend that I no loner speak to because she is addicted to pain killers.

Do you have an addictions story?  Feel free to comment below.  I have left the choice to comment anonymously open, to protect your privacy.  Please if you are seeking help from a drug rehab, please consider this drug rehab in Colorado.

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