The Essentials Of Designing A Good Cafeteria In A Commercial Space

The Essentials Of Designing A Good Cafeteria In A Commercial Space

Any commercial space usually has an eatery or a cafeteria. This cafeteria or eating space is necessary for the people who work there or visit there for some work. The eating space or cafeteria of any commercial space needs to be designed in an aesthetically appealing way. Nobody enjoys eating in a place with a shabby or unappealing ambiance. If you need to add an eatery or a cafeteria to a commercial space that you have recently set up, we have a list of design essentials that you need to keep in mind when setting up the cafeteria.

Giving Your Cafeteria A Theme
One excellent way to make the in-house cafeteria popular with in-house employees is by giving the cafeteria a fun and vibrant theme. If your commercial space is utilized for the auto industry, you can probably give the cafeteria an auto theme. You can convert old car seats into cafeteria seats. The booths in the cafeteria can be styled in the shape of cars and so on. Besides an auto theme, there are tons of other themes that can be used for your cafeteria.

Add Class And Elegance To The Cafeteria With Appropriate Flooring
Having a suitable flooring for your cafeteria plays an extremely important role in changing the face of the surroundings. When making a selection of floor tiles or boards, make sure that you keep in mind the overall theme of the cafeteria. For instance, if your cafeteria has a Mediterranean style and feels about it, you may want to select vibrant and captivating Portuguese tiles for the floor. On the other hand, if your cafeteria has a more rustic vibe about it, then you can opt for slate tiles, or wooden floorboards and so on.  

Use Chic And Stylish Wall Panels In The Cafeteria
Wall panels are a brilliant way to add style and character to your cafeteria. Wall panels are available in countless different styles, colors, patterns, and materials. If you wish to give your cafeteria a raw, natural, outdoorsy look and feel, you can install the brick wall panels. The brick wall panels have an extremely rustic charm about them, and they give the surroundings an outdoorsy and natural vibe. Besides the brick wall panels, there are several other decorative panels that will stand out when they are installed against the cafeteria walls. There are wooden wall panels, colorful PVC wall panels, stone wall panels, 3D wall panels and tons of other options for you to choose from.

Comfortable And Practical Furniture
While furniture can prove to have a decorative impact on your cafeteria, you need to find furniture that is comfortable and practical. Many owners of cafes and eateries install unique and quaint looking furniture to enhance the aesthetics of the surroundings, but what goes unrealized is the fact that such furniture can prove to be extremely uncomfortable to sit on for long hours. Many people like to sit for long stretches at cafeterias and work on their laptops or gadgets. You need to ensure that the furniture that you install in your cafeteria has the perfect balance of aesthetics, practicality, and comfort. The chairs, couches and other sitting arrangements that you install should provide adequate back support to customers. The tables in your cafeteria should be of a height that allows customers to eat properly as well as work on their gadgets comfortably.

Make Sure That The Lighting Is Perfect
Any place with a great ambiance usually has excellent lighting. You need to make sure that your cafeteria has appropriate and practical light installations. You can enhance the character and vibe of the cafeteria by installing rope lights, wall lamps, mosaic lights and other interesting and unique lighting options. Another thing you need to take into consideration when deciding the lighting plan of the cafeteria is that the lights should not be so absurdly bright that they irritate the customers and clients. The electrical lighting of the cafeteria should complement the natural lighting of the surroundings. The lights should create an intimate yet pleasant ambiance in your cafeteria.

Windows Are Essential
Windows bring in natural light and the streaming rays of the sun. Natural light has a way of boosting the spirits and increasing positivity of the people who are experiencing it. If your cafeteria overlooks a field or has an excellent view, you should consider installing french windows or ceiling to floor windows. If the view from the cafeteria is not exceptional, make sure that the windows are large enough for natural sunlight to flow in.

Always Remember, Less Is More
Nobody likes to sit and have a meal in a cramped space. You need to design your cafeteria in a minimalistic and spacious style. There should be breathing room between the tables and customers should be able to sit comfortably without feeling claustrophobic. Even when installing plants, showpieces or furniture, make sure that you install these items in a way that the surroundings do not seem stuffy.

Add Art To Your Cafeteria
Art installations always give character and style to any place. You can enhance the vibe of your cafeteria by adding beautiful canvases to the walls, installing crystal or ceramic showpieces and even putting up handmade sculptures. All of this art can give your cafeteria a particularly intellectual and creative feel. Your cafeteria will then attract writers, journalists, artists and other individuals from the world of intellect. You can purchase affordable art from your local flea market or from budding and upcoming artists.

While it is essential to keep the theme or customer inflow in mind when designing your cafeteria, it is also essential to make sure that you have a blast when decorating the space. The above-mentioned list of ideas are tried and tested and have brought in desired results to many.

Create the perfect cafeteria design by using simple yet affordable ideas that will give the cafeteria the vibe you have always wanted for this commercial space.

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