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Do you have what it takes to do a freelance gig?

Do you have the skills to do freelance work?  I bet you do.  Many stay at home moms and dads are in the freelance world.  Why?  It affords them the opportunity to work at home, determine their schedule and make money for their families.

My niece does freelance photography. She sets up a photo session at a location, has few props and takes the pictures.  I know she offers a mini session of thirty minutes for $50.  This can be maternity shoots, holiday  themed shoots, baby milestones shoots and much more. She takes the pictures and either sends them to her client digitally or using a cd.  Bam, that is an easy $50.  Please do note, you would need to have a decent camera to be able to make this work.  Your new Iphone won't cut it.

I have LOTS of friends that are virtual assistants for other bloggers.  This is a freelance position.  Make sure you understand what your client wants and what you can deliver and AGREE on a price.  I know many VAs that make $5000 a month.  You might have to write articles on their blog  or you might help them with their social media. Each Virtual Assistant has their own set of skills.  All you need is a computer and a strong work ethic.  You can take on one client or as many as you can handle.

A freelance writer is just as the word describes.  You write on a given topic and a given number of words for a  price.  There are LOTS of jobs for freelance writers.  You need to make sure you have proper grammar, spelling, punctuation and writing skills,  You need to be able to write based on knowledge or research and form sentences and paragraphs that resonate with what your client wants. 
You income will depend on your skill level and what clients you have or are able to get.  If you have written for Good Housekeeping you are going to make more money than you would for say, your local newspaper.

If you want to be successful in the freelance world, you have to build your client list, deliver high quality work each and every time and lastly, do what you agreed to do.  I highly suggest a contract for higher paying jobs.

There are many ways you make money doing freelance work. If you are a freelancer, what type work do you do?

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