How to create a fabulous dining room

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The Dining Room: A place where you come and sit around a table and eat a home cooked (most of the time) dinner with the ones you love. It’s a place of comfort, love, and joy and because of that, it is one of the most important places in the home. Sure, there is your bedroom where you rest and recharge, but do you really have as many memories in your bedroom compared to your dining room? Probably not. Same thing with an office, or a bathroom, as well. Your kitchen does come close to being up there on the list, though, especially if you have a table in your kitchen, as well. But, we are focusing on your dining room. Your dining room deserves to look fabulous and that is what we are discussing today. Here are a few ways I think you can turn your dining room into a fabulous room that stands out:

Custom Table
There are so many affordable custom tables now. It seems like everyone is trying out their skill in wood making and there are many Facebook pages where people are crafting custom farmhouse tables and selling them. This is a fantastic way to get a sturdy table, at a lower cost. Of course, there are other options. Many big stores will have the option to customize your table that you purchase, but of course, they will be more expensive. When you are purchasing a table, make sure you consider how many people will be sitting at the table, how much space you have in your room, and also what colors are in your room. Do keep in mind that you can paint your room, if needed.

Comfortable Chairs
Comfortable chairs are a must. With the recent trend of farmhouse tables, benches also made it in the ‘must have list’ and they could be a good addition if you have a lot of people dining with you. Another reason I love benches is the fact that they save room. You can just slip it under the table when it is not in use and it is out of the way. When purchasing chairs, make sure to consider how large your table is and who is going to be sitting in your chairs. Although you do not want ugly chairs, I highly recommend making them comfortable. Your dining room table is a place that you are supposed to enjoy and make memories in. If you are too busy moving around because your chair is uncomfortable, it will be harder to focus on the good times that are right in front of you.

Upgrading your flooring is definitely not necessarily, however, I do recommend having flooring that is easy to clean. Your dining room is destined to have spills and messes, especially if there are children around, so make sure your flooring will not stain. Also, I highly recommend getting a fashionable rug to your dining room. It just makes the space a bit more luxurious and welcoming. There are many websites that sell rugs, so you do not even need to go in store! Some that I recommend are Target and Overstock!

Your dining room does not need much, but adding a few decor pieces will definitely spruce it up enough to make it fashionable and fabulous. Add some candles along the center of your tables, a bar cart, and maybe a few seasonal decor pieces and you are good to go! In the spring, I love white vases with fresh (or fake) flowers and you can even reuse the white vase for other seasons, as well. For example, in the fall, you can add fall foliage to it and maybe some apples. In the winter, add eucalyptus and red berries. In the summer, you could do flowers, or have bright citrus decor added in.


The artwork in your dining room will be the star of the show and you want to make sure it is special. If there is anything to invest in, it is your artwork because it can potentially make you money in the long run. In addition to making you money, it can turn a plain dining room into the most fabulous dining room you have ever seen!

When you invest in artwork, you want to make sure to protect them, as well. Your first area of concern is fading. You do not want your artwork to fade, so make sure to invest in window films to protect your furniture and artwork. If you have not heard of them before, window films are a cost-effective UV protection. According to UHS Window Tinting and Blinds, “Radiation from the sun is divided into three components: light that we can see, and infrared and UV rays that we can only feel. As the sun strikes glass, the window film acts as a shield that blocks harmful UV rays, as well as regulates the amount of heat that passes through the glass. In turn, the interior of your office or home will have a more comfortable temperature, even without increasing the cooling or air conditioning capacity in the room. By simply having a window film on your glass doors and windows, you can be protected from the sun and reduce your energy costs at the same time.” Improve the comfort of your home, save energy, and also improve the look of your home by installing 3M™ Window Films with the help of UHS Window Tinting and Blinds, located in the Metro Atlanta area.


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