How to perform the best possible puppy potty training

One of the biggest issues for first-time dog owners is potty training.
Unlike some other trainings, potty training is a must. If you allow your puppy to potty wherever it wants, you will have lots of problem soon enough. Needless to say this increase the amount of work you have to do.
Just to be straightforward, dogs are not for everyone and puppies can especially be troublesome. You will need to invest lots of time and effort and if you’re not prepared for such a sacrifice, it’s better not to get a dog in the first place.
If there is something to begin with, that it’s definitely potty training. This is probably the first thing your dog will learn so make sure to do it properly.

1. Treat your dog properly 

One of the things that many puppy owners fail to realize is that dogs are very similar to kids – beating often doesn’t work. In fact, if you hit your dog too often there is a good chance to antagonize it and create trauma. Still, talking to it also won’t work. Luckily for us puppies are great at understanding body language as well as sounds. So there is no need to physically punish your dog for an accident as long as it understand that its wrong peeing or pooing on a carpet. 

2.Take charge 

Dogs are used to looking up to other dogs. Like humans, they have a strong sense of hierarchy and in order for a puppy to listen to you, you have to set up things properly from the get go. When I say take charge, I refer that the whole process of pottying should be managed by you: from preparing food, to time when you go out to potty, how many times you will go out during a day, whether or not puppy is allowed to potty at home etc. 

3. Be proactive 

This one goes hand-in-hand with taking charge. You shouldn’t wait for a dog to start peeing all over the floor; instead make sure to be proactive and go out before it happens. There is no point in yelling at a puppy if it simply performed its natural duty. Instead, you are the one who should’ve taken it out prior to that.

4.Don’t play with a puppy 

What do I mean by this? Well, puppies get easily excited. When they do, they lose control of their functions and are more likely to pee all over the floor. One of the most exciting things for them is when you play with them. So, as soon as you wake up, make sure to take the puppy out. Try not getting into too much contact or doing anything else that will excite it.

5. Be consistent 

Dogs can be easily be confused by your actions. Especially as you increase aggression and pressure. No matter what you do make sure to be consistent. If you repeat one and the same action over and over again, puppy will finally start realizing what you’re asking from it. Consistency is also important when you praise or scold a dog. For example, if a dog wetted its bed or the floor, it’s normally to scold it or show dissatisfaction. If you start petting the dog 10 minutes after it, you’re sending mixed messages which would be hard to interpret even if you’re a human being.
With these simple tips you can start training your dog. Have in mind that potty training is one of the first things that a dog will learn. As such, it sets up a good basis for all other trainings but can also help establish a good relationship between you and a puppy.

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