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Truth about Kalu Yala

If you were able to study abroad, where would you like to go? If you are looking for a life changing experience, then you should check out Kalu Yala.  There is no there study abroad program like this.

You live in a remote jungle in Panama and get college credit.  Does this sound like something you would like to do?  

Kalu Yala wants to make places more socially and environmentally responsible. It’s starting in a lush mountain valley in the Panama rainforest. That might strike you as a peculiar location, and the truth is it was a happy accident. The land was purchased by the Stices, prominent real estate family from the states.
Raised in real estate, Kalu Yala founder Jimmy Stice grew up with a keen understanding of the industry’s adverse effects. He believed real estate could be harnessed as a positive force, driving socioeconomic equality and proactive conservation efforts. Kalu Yala is the first rendition of what will be a series of places founded on refashioned on principles of sustainability..
Real estate is problematic and necessary. We need real estate; we need roofs over our heads. But it’s resource-extractive and socially harmful; it allows the world to be segregated in a post-segregation era. What we’re trying to figure out is– how can real estate be socially and environmentally responsible?
I think that Kalu Yala would be a great experience for anyone that is wanting to study abroad and is ready to "rough it". 
During one semester, Kalu Yala let the cameras of the show VICE into this community to film what they thought was a documentary.  According to those of Kalu Yala, this documentary turned into something those at Kalu Yala did not want and tried to shed some bad light on Kalu Yala.  While Kalu Yala is not without some problems, this documentary was edited and marketed  in a way that portrayed them more like  reality show. If you want to know about any problems in Kalu Yala, check them out here
While any study abroad program is not 100% successful, Kalu Yala has been around for a few years and students keep applying and their drop out rate is 2.5%, which is half of the normal rate of drop out.
So, make sure you know ALL the facts before you apply to go to Kalu Yala.  There are many current and former students you can talk to.  You can make an informed decision based on  your own knowledge and  that of those that are actually in Kalu Yala or those that have done this study abroad program.

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