Coastal Hikes Worth Visiting America For

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Ask anyone that has ever laced up a pair of boots what makes hiking so worthwhile and they’ll all tell you it’s the view. That’s what makes every climb, every ache and pain, and every early start worth it a million times over, especially if that view is a cocktail of rugged coastlines, endless oceans, a white sand beaches, curious caves and the straight line of a horizon - and America has thousands of these in its outdoors coffers.

To remove the guesswork for you, we’ve pulled together a list of coastal hikes that will make your eyes fizz, your heart pound a few moments faster and your memory cling onto to these views like they’re set to vanish. Enjoy.

1. Ocean Path, Maine
If you’re ever in Stephen King territory and want to explore an easy but breathtaking hike, you need to hot-step it to the Acadia National Park and enjoy the waterside path between Sand Beach and Otter Cliffs. Tidal pools, coves, incredible rock formations, forests - this walk has it all. But the best bit of the bunch is the Thunder Hole, so pack a picnic and enjoy the growling noise this spot makes when waves crash into the shore.

2. Cape Perpetua, Oregon
For those wanting a more dramatic set of vistas and challenges, look no further than the Siuslaw National Forest, which boasts a network of trails along rough lava cliffs, over rocky coves and past collapsed caves, most of which have book-worthy names, like Thor’s Well, Spouting Horn and Cook’s Chasm. But it’s not just the coastal part that makes this staggering. It’s the journey inland too, through the dense web of trees that make this such a magical hike.

3. Myakka River, Florida
When you think of coastal walks in Florida, you probably imagine white beaches specked with brightly coloured - and barely-there - bikinis. But head book into the SpringHill Suites Tampa Westshore Airport and you will have most of Tampa Bay to explore and, trust us, this place is rich with parks and preserves. Of them all, though, our favorite has to be the Myakka River State Park, which is an enormous park found in Florida’s beautiful Sarasota and allows you to take a step back in time to “the real Florida.”

4. North Coast Route, Washington
What makes this part of Washington such a hit with accomplished hikers is the wild and wet Olympic National Park Wilderness Coast, which offers people more than 70 miles of amazingly rugged coastline. Of course, that much choice can be overwhelming, and doing it all can be too challenging, which is why we would point you toward the twenty-mile hike from Ozette to Rialto. Just be warned, this path can be tricky and you’re probably going to need to use a bunch of ladders and ropes to clamber over some of the rocks. But like we said, the views are more than worth the effort. From amazing wildlife to beautiful tide pools, this place has it all.

And there we have it, four coastal hikes that let you explore the different corners of America.

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  1. I have not done the total loop for the Ozette hike but have done about 8 miles and back. It is a beautiful hike and I would like to do it again.