How To Feel More Confident in Your Personal Style

When it comes to fashion, many of us want to blend in and not stand out from the crowd, but at the same time, there’s a polar force within us that wants to have a unique style that expresses who we are on the inside.

Indeed, there’s nothing more frustrating than being a really quirky character yet wearing bland, dull or serious clothing that doesn’t convey just how warm, fun and lighthearted we are.  Then, there’s the fact we all want to look good no matter where we go, or what we do, so people that feel they don’t care about fashion often find it’s more a case that they don’t feel confident when it comes to fashion and having a personal style of their own.

We all have fashion fears that hold us back from fully expressing ourselves in fear of what the outside world might think, and occasionally, we will have a “Pretty Woman” style shopping spree, perhaps fuelled by a personal loan from that gives our confidence and wardrobe a boost… yet, this can sometimes feel like a short term fix if the two guiding principles below are ignored.

See, there are two core areas that you want to consider when it comes to feeling more confident about your personal style; the first it to pick clothes that you love and express your unique personality in the sense they are focused on your own personal tastes rather than the fashion trends of the hour… and secondly, you need to ensure you are dressed in a way that allows you to relax and feel comfortable in your environment; for instance, you wouldn’t want to go to the opera wearing trainers, but similarly, you wouldn’t want to sit in McDonald’s in black tie attire.

Try not to be swept up with current fashion trends as these are ever changing and subject to the opinion of the masses - rather than your own personal opinion.  Make sure you choose clothes that you, personally, love.  Don’t rely on someone else’s opinion.  Have an opinion of your own and flesh out your wardrobe on the basis of what you like.  Agreed, you might want to get a second opinion particularly if you’re prone to fashion nightmares but the fundamental principle of wearing what you want. 

You dont want to feel uptight about what youre wearing.  Imagine, going to the gym, and knowing that your t-shirt is a little too small so that when you put your hands above your head, the base of the t-shirt rises, revealing your stomach.  The key point is that you want to feel relaxed and comfortable in what you’re wearing - try to avoid clothes that might be super fashionable but make it hard to move or just make you feel uncomfortable.

So, there are the two fundamental principles to having more confidence with your style - dress in a way that expresses who you are according to your tastes (rather than following the fashion lemmings) and make sure what you’re wearing is comfortable enough to allow you to relax and be the person you truly are.


  1. These are great tips, thanks for sharing! I have always found that as long as I am comfortable and happy in what I am wearing, that is all that really matters. :)

  2. Great tips! I usually rock what I like.

  3. Always be comfortable with who you are~

  4. Being comfortable with your body helps too...

  5. Ashley V5:12 PM

    Love these words of encouragement! It's definitely a struggle feeling comfortable in anything after having 4 children, but I just need to think about myself.

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