Mopping made easy

Mopping has never been this easy!  The Click n Clean from Rejuvenate gets the job done without all of mess of traditional and mop buckets. The Click n Clean system comes with: spray mop, microfiber cleaning pad, microfiber dusting pad, 32oz No Bucket Floor Cleaner, soft scrub pad & three bottle adapters. 

It is so easy to use,your kids will want to mop! Just click the cleaner into place, attach the cleaning pad you desire and squeeze to dispense the cleaning solution and mop away.  The cleaning pads are machine washable and this mopping systems comes with a one year warranty.  What mop do you have that has a warranty?

I would usually tackle mopping myself,but with the Click n Clean,the kids can and DO help!  I have a son with autism and I seriously have to hide this from him,  Can you mop too much?  My floors are definitely clean. 

I absolutely love my new Click n Clean.  It is so easy to grab up for spills or that weekly mopping.  Being able to wash the cleaning pads versus the others saves money.  I do not have to constantly buy cleaning pads.  I throw them in the washer and let them air dry. 

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