Tips to land that college scholarship

Going to college can be very costly.You have so many expenses related to college; books, tuition, fees,  and so much more.  Even if you qualify for grants, that does not always cover the necessities.  You should seek out scholarships to have defer some of these costs.  I am going to give you some tips for finding scholarships.

Before you start applying for scholarships, you must have some things in order.  Your high school and/or college transcript.  And, I must say, most scholarships are offered to those with good grades.   Make sure you have done some volunteer work, so you can list that on your application for a scholarship. A lot of scholarships are based on financial need,.  Make sure you read the directions carefully before applying.  Always be ready to write an essay,because most scholarships ask for that.   There are quite a few scholarships based entirely on your grades , what your major is, or even a single question for the essay part!

If you are in high school,you should talk to your counselor. They have a plethora of information on scholarships.  Set up a meeting and take diligent notes.  Most scholarships require that you have a recommendation from a teacher or someone in the school system.   I know the high school counselor at my child's school send s out weekly emails with information about scholarships.

The financial aid office at the college you want to attend would be by next stop.  That financial aid person WANTS you to get in THEIR college, so they are willing to really give you individual help to help find the funds for you to attend.  There are tons of scholarships in that office.  Make that appointment to discuss as soon as possible.

Check with the company that you parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles work for.  Many companies and corporations offer scholarships to their employees families. Start asking now!

Many local and civic organization offer scholarships.  I know my local telephone company is a "cooperative" and they offer scholarships to students whose parents or grandparents are customers.  My local electric company is the same way.  My local Lions Club also offers a scholarship each year to a student living within their local district.

Let Google search be your friend.  Simply google "scholarships" and I know there are many results.  Also, remember you can apply for and get many scholarships!  Don't be afraid to apply for any scholarship for which you think you qualify.

What tips do you have for getting a scholarship?

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