Sisal Carpets: Durable and Stylish Carpets for your Home

Adding Sisal carpets on your home flooring can better the relaxation level people can feel while inside your house. Many people choose to install such carpets in their home as it offers the resilience and durability that no other carpets can give. These rugs come in various designs that are all charming and distinctive without compromising the durability and standard. This is why such carpets make a perfect addition to your house such as in your living room or bedroom while at the same time rising the relaxation level of your home.

Origins of Sisal fiber
Sisal fiber can exactly be extracted from a cactus plant with name of Agave Sisalana. This cactus type can mostly be found in deserted areas of Brazil and Africa. Because it is a cactus, it is accustomed to growing in arid and dry atmosphere which are otherwise not good for fibrous plants. This kind of cactus has long been farmed and cultivated by many people dating 100s of years back which they use to make twine and ropes. They slice the stalks and extract the fiber then it is leave out to dry. And the most famous product they make out of the produced sisal fibers is what most houses use as Sisal carpets.

Advantages of using Sisal
There are many advantages one can get using sisal in carpets than any other synthetic and natural fiber ones. For one, Sisal is naturally challenging to stain which means you do not have to hesitate about chemically treating it when your kid accidentally spills something on your carpet because it would not stain. You can just let your child play on your rug and not hesitate that he might stain it after some time. Two, Sisal is not famous to build up static electricity. It can be annoying when rugs and carpets rapidly produce static electricity especially on windy and dry days. It makes the carpet itchy to use. Sisal is famous to be resistant to static electricity as well as making lying or sitting on your carpet relax still. Third, Sisal is extremely durable and does not truly show any signs of wear and tear. You can bet it will look amazing even for a long time. And fourth, it comes in a big range of designs that will definitely match any home.
Sisal is actually one fiber that can make your house relax that is also very durable. You can bet that even if your child is already old, the rug will still look a few years younger than him. So when picking a carpet for your house, consider sisal carpets for its resilience and durability.

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