Bananas for Bananagrams

Thanks to Bananagrams for providing these items for review! All the games sent were a hit! The games reviewed were Fluff, My First Banagrams, and Word A Melon.  Fluff is a casino style game where you Roll & Conceal, Calculate& Bid, Raise Bid or Call!, Lose the round, lose a dice. Last player with the dice, survives! My overall impression was fun but you better be good at bluffing as I am not! My daughter easily won and kept a straight face on. What I really liked about My First Banagrams was that was the perfect pick for my 9 year old... she is special needs and just learning to read, I particularly loved the lower case letters on the tiles. It focuses on word building. It was right on her level. Challenging but not to the point she got overwhelmed. My First Banagrams is typically recommended for preschoolers and early readers but I think its a perfect game for the special needs child who may be a little behind as well. For my final game to review, Word A Melon, a few of us played on Friday game night. It says ages 6 and up on the tag but us kids at heart really enjoyed it and the overall verdict was a huge thumbs up! The object is that the player with the most letter seeds wins the game. This would be a great game for the younger crowd as well as it reinforces taking turns. 



  1. how cute,,i have some grandchildren that would enjoy these

  2. My First Banagrams sounds like a good game for young readers. Making it fun definitely inspires them to learn.


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