Customized Sign from Steel Roots Decor

Thanks to Steel Roots Decor for providing  this custom piece for this review.

Steel Roots Decor is steel fabrication company located  Calhoun , Georgia.  They specialize in making custom pieces of home decor.   I asked this to make me this beautiful piece seen here, "Savannah".

I am truly amazed at this stunning piece.  There is no photograph that can show the beauty of this.  I am proud to have Steel Roots Decor be a part of our Holiday Gift guide this year.

They can make you any piece you want!  Monograms, Designs for your home, Custom Signage for your business and much more.  They have an Americana selection, State Pride, Furry Friends, Inspiration Sayings, and Funny Sayings.  Their pieces are absolutely beautiful and will make a great Christmas gift! They have pieces on their website to fit any budget and can customize most any piece you want. If you are looking for a unique gift  for anyone, a piece of steel art from Steel Roots Decor is perfect.

When you purchase from Steel Roots Decor, you are buying from a company in the USA that is veteran owned.  Head over to their website now to choose one of the ready made pieces or choose to customize. The have many colors and finishes to choose from.

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  1. I love the details of the steel here. They do amazing work!