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Java House Cold Brew giveaway

For all my coffee lovers, this is for you!  We have partnered with Little Helpers in Life and a few other bloggers to bring you this Java House Cold Brew giveaway. 

Coffee is my life. I have always been a coffee lover since my young teens. It just helps me get through the day. I will try any coffee at least one time. So when I was able to check out Java House Cold Brew pods I was so pumped. I will admit that I do not own a Keurig. I drink two plus pots of coffee a day so having a one cup machine would get pricey. So when I found out these were pods I was a little nervous on how I was going to make them at home. I knew I could go to my moms house. But when I received them in the mail. I found out they are liquid! Which makes them dual purpose. 

My husband and I decided to try them out one night after he got home from work. They are so simple to use. To enjoy them hot: you simply place the pod with the tab side up into your single serve brewer. 

To use cold, which is what we used: peel open the pod pour over ice, and then add eight ounces of water and enjoy. We did add a little bit of creamer. We also used two pods because we were using an extra large glass. Go big or go home right?

Java House comes in four different varieties. So depending on what kind of coffee you enjoy, Java House has you covered. They have: 

  • Ethiopian which is a light roast
  • Colombian which is a medium roast and my husbands personal favorite. 
  • Sumatran which is a dark roast and my personally favorite
  • Decaf which is a medium roast without all the caffeine

The coffee is so easy to make for a cold brew. Through out the summer I was making pots, letting them cool and then putting them over ice. But with Java House I no longer have to do that. There are no preservatives or additives. Just great coffee. This coffee taste much less bitter and much less acidic then traditional cold brews I have tried in the past. My husband and I both enjoyed these pods very much. And I absolutely love the concept of them. 

You can find Java House in 6 count boxes at Wal-Mart stores. You can also find them at and


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  1. I absolutely love cold brew coffee, it’s fast and easy to take on the go after it’s made. Cheaper then starbucks