Holiday Blues

Got the Holiday B(L)ooze? 

On the lookout for new and stylish bottles to add to your liquor collection or bar cart? Whether you need a quality spirit to sip on, an elegant gift to bring to a holiday party, or a beautiful bottle for show, these beauties bring a whole new meaning to the holiday blues. I’d like to tell you more about 5 distinct bottles that will show you that the blues don’t have to be a bad thing: Diplomático Planas Rum, Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin, Tequila Partida Blanco, Benham’s Sonoma Dry Gin and Bribón Tequila Blanco.

With crisp blue seen everywhere from snow to frost this winter, these icy blue bottles showcase simplicity and elegance. They are sure to make a striking addition to your collection or as a gift.

Produced from molasses and sugar cane honeys, Diplomático Planas (SRP: $32.99) is aged up to six years in American white oak barrels, previously containing bourbon and malt whisky. Once ready, the rum is then charcoal filtered prior to bottling, giving the rum a crystalline appearance and smooth finish.

Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin (SRP: $36.99)  is bottled in a sky blue rippled cylinder glass bottle. It is slow distilled by hand with eight botanicals in the copper pot still. Four additional botanicals are vapor infused in a vapor basket. The vapor rises through the unique shape of the medieval head, which allows maximum copper contact.

Tequila Partida (SRP: $39.99) is an award-winning, unaged tequila produced from agaves grown in the valley of Jalisco. Stainless ovens, also known as autoclaves, are used to cook the agave at a lower temperature than has become the industry standard. With notes of earth & citrus Partida Blanco is fresh and minty.

Benham’s Gin (SRP: $40) is a Sonoma Dry style gin that’s infused with 12 botanicals, each individually vapor distilled. Produced in California, the spirit utilizes locally grown Meyer Lemon and Buddha's Hand, both painstakingly hand-zested to showcase vibrant, fragrant citrus characteristics that are ideal for refreshing G&Ts.
Bribón Tequila Blanco (SRP: $24.99), rich in agave and savory tequila, captures the essence of Bribón; a person who sets his or her own rules, someone who never accepts negativity, and always embraces life.


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