Miami Blues: Best Things To Do On The Water

If you’re travelling to Miami and you’re not testing the waters, then what are you really doing? It's the one place in the world where the waters are almost always turquoise blue and calm. Maybe it will always play second fiddle to godlike places such as the Adriatic and Mediterranean Seas but if you’re in America, it simply doesn’t get better. And no, not even Californians can say they have better waters that Florida, Miami. It's the one place to be if you are looking for some watersports. Here you will find just about everything you can think of. From looking at what’s below the surface in a snorkelling lesson, to ripping the water apart in powerful jet ski. You are in fact spoiled for choice here as pretty much every water sport and activity on the planet can be done here. But if you don’t have all week or month, you need to spread your time and efforts out wisely. In order to enjoy what’s on offer you need to give each activity some time so you can understand it and get proficient in it. First time hitting the waves? If you’re new to Miami then don’t fret, there are many things you can do to familizare yourself with the waters. As with any kind of coastal hotspot, there is a set limit to the coast, how far you can go and obviously even speed limits on the waters in crowded areas. So for a first taste of these waters take a ride on the Miami Sea Rocket. It's a long and fast powerboat that can seat a large family or group of friends. It will take you on a 35 minute long tour of the waters, checking out the Miami skyline, the different neighborhoods, the various beaches, and zoom through certain passes and straights at full speed. The tour also includes some interesting facts about Miami which only the locals know about so you could end up hearing something you didn’t expect.
 The classic sailing style Whoever said that power is all you need on the waters? Sometimes when you in the jewel of America’s coastline, you need to take it slow. You should consider yacht rental miami if you would like to take to the waters in a sailboat. There are of course powered yachts if that is what you prefer but if you want to sail in relative smoothness and quiet, then the classic use of the wind is in order. Bear in mind however, some yachts are only open to be rented during certain hours. Some yachts need to be maintained to a higher standard since they offer luxury cruising, therefore the hours are fewer. Some may be designed for dusk sailing and others can be in the morning instead. It depends on what kind of day you’re looking to have and your skill level with the boat itself.

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