Unique Gifts for People Who Love Food and Wine

If you have friends who are just as keen on trying new food and drinks as you, it might be a good idea to surprise them with a unique present for their birthday or a special occasion. You simply cannot stick to the general gift voucher; get something that talks about your relationship and makes them smile. If you are stuck with food and drink related ideas, below you will find a few great ones that will get you thinking.

Cooking Classes

Whether your friend is keen on the Indian cuisine or sushi, you will surely find a few cooking classes in your area. Contact the organizers and find out whether or not you could get a voucher with your friend’s name on. This will not only make your gift personal, but also be useful and interesting for the person who is getting it.

Wine Tasting

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There is nothing better than a wine tasting tour. If you are keen on this drink, and your friend seems to be an expert, always knowing what to serve at dinner parties, you might want to impress them with a wine tasting experience. No matter if it is held at the local restaurant or a vineyard nearby, they will appreciate the thought and remember you when they attend. If you want, you can even join them on the day and spend a few great hours together, talking about one of your favorite drinks.

Wine Cooler

In case your friend is a collector and has loads of different special wine, they certainly deserve a wine cooler. Unfortunately, not all of us have the opportunity to store our bottles in an air conditioned wine cellar, so a wine cooler might be a great idea for your boozy friends. If they know what the ideal serving temperature of each type of wine is, they certainly need a temperature controlled wine cooler in their kitchen.

Brewing Kit

Microbreweries spring up in every part of the country faster than you could notice. If you love the special spices and aromas that local producers create, why not encourage your friend to give brewing a try? There are plenty of small scale brewing kits available from local gift shops and breweries, and you will give your loved ones an experience to remember for a lifetime, even if their beer turns out to be less than perfect.

Whiskey Kit

Those who love something with a kick and more alcohol, a great whiskey kit is a perfect gift idea. From guide books to training and a make our own whiskey kit there are loads of options to choose from. However, you will need to ensure that your friend has the space and the ventilation system they need to complete the project, as malt whiskey needs the right storage, and it can let out some strong fumes and smells.

Spice Mixes

In case your friend enjoys cooking, you will need to find the right spice mixes they can use and experiment with. Next time you visit a tropical island or an exotic country, make sure that you visit a local market where you can pick up some authentic produce and quality spices your friend could not get their hands on otherwise. From tea leaves to special aroma and spices, dried flowers, there are plenty of things you can pick up from local markets.

Wine Guides

Wine lovers love showing off their expertise. If you would like to help your friend get to know more about their favorite region or type of wine, you can visit a local book store or a gift shop at a farm and find the right book for their taste. From a guide to match the wine with every meal to one that focuses on the traditions and the most valuable bottles, you can choose the one that is more likely to impress them.

Culinary Course

There is a difference between a cooking class and a culinary course. You will get more insider information about what traditions and cultural aspects played a part in creating a dish, and you will also find out the best way to consume every dish. In case your friend is just as interested in the origin of the dish as the taste, you can get them a culinary course as a present, and they will love you for it.

Getting the present right for a foodie and a wine lover is not easy. Try one of the above ideas, and see if you can impress your friend.


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