Get ready for the next wteen trend, #SNAPSTAR!  These cute dolls will make your tween sqeal with delight.  You can buy different fashion packs for your doll, too.  How cool is that?

Get ready to Snap, Style, and Share with the new #SNAPSTAR fashion dolls, from YULU!
Lola, Aspen, Dawn, Yuki, Echo and Izzy each have a distinct personality and style. But here’s what makes this squad completely unique: #SNAPSTAR dolls are fully articulated and possible beyond almost any other fashion doll on the market.  Then use the unique #SNAPSTAR stand and green screen for literally countless poses and pics, without seeing the stand!  Tweens can turn their doll into a social media star as they pose, snap and share photos using #SNAPSTAR.

Customize the dolls with dozens of customizable styling options for hair, makeup, accessories and more with the free #SNAPSTAR Studio app.  This unrivaled ability to pose and interact with the dolls and the seamless meshing of the physical and digital worlds of play is what’s going to make #SNAPSTAR the most talked-about toy launch of the year.

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