Is it a plushie, or a hoodie? It's both! It's Cubcoats!

Cubcoats has provided me with this product for review.

Cubcoats is a plush character that transforms from a pillow type plushie into a hoodie.  There are many styles available.  A few of the animals are panda, fox and tiger.  They also have characters such as Minions, Mickey Mouse and Chewbacca.  There are many more, the one I received is Spiderman.  My son loves Spiderman.  He loved this when I gave it to him and he thought it was just a plushie.  But then when he found out that it would transform into a hoodie, the look on his face was priceless.  He was so excited!  They are soft and warm.  Transforming it into a hoodie is a simple process.  These images are taken from their website to show you how to transform it.

To transform into a hoodie, you flip it over and unzip the back.  Then you pull the hoodie out and unroll it.  Tuck the character away inside the hood and it's ready to wear.  My son looks so adorable in this and loves it so much that I just might have to buy some more of them for him.  In addition to the ones I mentioned above, they have the following:    the animals are kitty, puppy and bear.  The characters are Black Panther, Poppy The Troll, Minnie Mouse and Darth Vader.  These would be great as an outdoor costume for Halloween as well.  They would be able to stay warm without detracting from their costume.  They are so cute that I wish they had hem in my size!  But unfortunately they do not come in adult sizes.  They come in children's sizes ranging from 2-8.  The retail price for the animal styles is $45 and for the characters it is $50.  You can purchase them HERE .    

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