Sassy Macaron Travel Hairbrush and Sugar Twist Hair Ties From Milk + Sass

Milk + Sass has provided me with their Macaron For Hair all in one travel detangling hairbrush and Sugar Twist hair ties in exchange for an honest review.

The Macaron For Hair is an all-in-one travel detangling hairbrush.  When closed, it is shaped like a macaron cookie.  Open it up to reveal a mirror and hairbrush with bristles placed at varying heights and widths.  This helps it glide through all hair types to quickly and easily detangle and leave the hair less frizzy and more shiny.  It's the perfect size to carry with you as you go on your way.  Available in several different colors.  You can buy them for $12.99 each HERE .

The Sugar Twist Hair ties are coiled and gently hold your hair in place without pulling, breaking or tangling in it.  This means less tears from kids and less discomfort for adults.  They come in a variety of colors in packs of 6.  You can buy them for $7.99 per pack HERE .

Both of these products would be a fantastic addition to an Easter basket for a tween or teen.  Perfect for Mom, Grandma and any other woman in your life as well!

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