Soft and Squishy, it's Smooshy Mushy!

I received the cutest thing in the mail today!  It's called Smooshy Mushy and has been provided to me by Freeman Public Relations in exchange for an honest review.

Smooshy Mushy is a series of soft squishy toys made out of scented foam.  You can buy them practically everywhere:  Walmart, Target, Amazon, etc.  When you squeeze them, they slowly spring back to their original shape.  You can use them for stress relief, or just for playing!  They're so soft and squishy that it's hard not to squeeze them.  There are several varieties, but we are going to focus on two of them.

First we have the Smooshy Mushy Creamy Dreamy Surprise.  It comes in a container that is shaped like a mug with whipped cream on top.  There's even a "straw" sticking out from the top.  It looks like there is milk in it, you can even see it splash around inside the "cup" when you tip it.  But it's an illusion; it's a liquid that is sealed inside the walls of the cup and can't be spilled.  These are available in several different colors.

Inside the "cup" you'll find a Smooshy Mushy pet, bestie, mini cup, sticker and mini poster that includes a list of all the different Smooshies.  But you won't know which pet you get until you open them because they are sealed in mystery bags that you can't see through.

Next we have the Smooshy Mushy Surprise Sugar Fix.  This one comes in a container that is shaped like a gumball machine.  It's so cute!  These are also available in several different colors.

Inside the "gumball machine"  you'll find a Smooshy Mushy pet, bestie, scratch card game, sticker and mini gumball machine.  Like in Creamy Dreamy, the pets are a mystery until you open the mystery bags they are sealed in.

The fun thing about these mystery bags for both of these is that you don't know what's inside until you open them.  It might be a common Smooshy Mushy.  Or it just might be a rare or ultra rare one.  Kids love the excitement of the suspense!

Kids love these things, and even adults will find it hard to resist squeezing and squishing them.  They would make a perfect addition to any Easter Basket.


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