Awesome T-Shirts From TeeTurtle

I received these t-shirts from TeeTurtle in exchange for an honest review.  The shirts range in price from $12-$24 and you can purchase them on their site:

The artwork on these shirts is amazing.  They feature cute little animals like the hedgehog, panda, cat, unicorn and many others.  But it is the quotes that makes these shirts so special.  They are full of attitude and sarcasm.  The artwork is beautifully applied to the shirt and looks as if it will be very durable.

Each shirt is made from 100% super soft ringspun cotton.  My children said they are incredibly comfortable to wear.  Everywhere they went people were commenting on their shirts.  They all wanted to know where to buy one.  

Some of the shirts, like the one above, even glows in the dark!  My daughter was thrilled when she found out that her new shirt glows.  She left it draped over a chair under the light all evening so it would "charge".  She just couldn't wait to test it in the dark.   She thought it was so cool.   And all of her friends wanted one when they saw it!

Designer RamyB founded TeeTurtle in 2012.  Their goal since then has been to provide the best possible shopping experience for the customer.  Their staff is very friendly and helpful.  And there is always a real person available if you need to call them.  They add new designs to their site every week, so you will find yourself going back to their site again and again.  And they have so many cool designs that it is hard to choose just one.  So be prepared to buy several or them!

The have other products as well, such as enamel pins, stuffed toys and several games.  Make sure to check out their site!

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