Fend off Mosquitoes the easy way with Para'Kito

If you live or play in an area that is infested with mosquitoes, you're going to love these refillable wrist bands from Para'Kito.  

Just wear on your wrist and enjoy the outdoors without mosquitoes.  These bands are stylish and effective.  They use a blend of essential oils and patented slow-release technology to keep you from getting bitten.  Just insert one of the pellets in your band and you are good to go.  Each pellet lasts for up to 15 days and offers constant protection.  Each band comes with 2 pellets.  The bands are water proof and fully adjustable.  You can wear them on your wrist or ankle.  They are available in several different styles, colors and fashionable prints.  

The kids' bands have a special ID label for their name and your contact details.  Sports bands come in a lycra material and are reflective.  They also have an ID tag.  The new party edition bands come in lycra and feature fun, flirty designs.  

They also offer clips that you can clip on to your backpack, stroller or belt; as well as a roll on gel that you can apply to your skin.  The gel is designed for highly infested areas.  One stripe on your arms, legs or neck will give you up to 5 hours of protection.  I like the bands because you don't have to worry about reapplication.  Just put it on and forget about it.  

I live in an area where the mosquitoes are really bad.  I put one of these on and spent the whole day outside in my yard playing with my kids.  I didn't get a single mosquito bite.  These things are amazing! 

You can buy them HERE or at mass merchandisers like Amazon or Whole Foods.  Good for the whole family, all ages.  The suggested retail price is $19.50.  The Neoprene costs $19.98 and the gel costs $19.50.    

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