Get Creative With Zephyr Kinetic Plasticine Dough For Kids

The nice people from Zephyr provided me with this product to review.

Zephyr Plasticine is a unique kind of play dough.  It's lightweight and extremely resilient.  It's soft enough to mold easily so you can use your imagination to create masterpieces.  Stretch it and build large objects with no need to worry about it collapsing under its own weight.

It will even float in water, so why not build yourself a boat?  Or even a whole fleet of ships?  It will hold its form.   

This is a kid friendly product that is completely safe for the environment.  It is recommended for use in kindergartens and daycares where kids are encouraged to be creative and use their imagination.  It is hypoallergenic with antiseptic in the composition and they used food coloring for the dye.  Of course, even though it is non-toxic and kid friendly, it still should not be eaten, so it is recommended for children 3 and older.

Zephyr is made with Non-Newtonian fluid, making it able to change its properties depending on how fast and rough or how slow and gentle you are when you play with it.  If you are rough with it, it will become hard, but if you are gentle it will be soft, pliable, fluffy, flexible and stretchable.  If you quickly and roughly form it into a ball, it will hold its shape while you bounce it.  It won't fly apart or lose its shape from the impact.  But if you are slow and gentle, you will be able to stretch it and easily shape it into anything you choose.

Another cool thing about Zephyr is that you can bake it and then paint it using your acrylic paints.  If you build something that you are super proud of and want to keep forever, pop it in the oven and bake it.  Then paint it in the colors that you like! 
Kids love it because it is fun, but Moms will love it because it never crumbles and doesn't leave those tiny pieces behind like other brands.  I usually hate giving my kids this type of thing to play with simply because it makes such a mess and is hard to clean up.  But you don't have that problem with Zephyr!  My kids played with it for hours and when they were done there was not a single crumb of it anywhere! 

  Zephyr is available in several different colors, as well as neon glitter and glow in the dark.  My kids think it is so cool to build a figure, turn off the lights and see it actually glowing in the dark.  

Zephyr is a great toy and I highly recommend it.  My children love it and I must admit that even I find it strangely relaxing to squish it in my hands and to build things with.  Check out their videos on YouTube HERE and HERE to see how much fun kids have playing with this stuff!  You can purchase Zephyr on Amazon or Walmart.  The suggested retail price ranges from $2.49-$36 depending on the size and type that you buy.


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