Last Minute Easter Basket Stuffers

Easter will soon be here and if you are looking for some last minute editions for your kids' baskets, why not add some Pomsies, Pomsie Poos or Grumblies Miniacs.

This is Zoey the Dragon.  It is so cute with its soft pink fur and bright blue eyes.  It just makes you want to say "AWWWWWW".  Zoey is a Pomsie.  Pomsies have a long tail that you can wrap around your wrist, arm, leg, backpack, or hair.  You can wear it and take it along with you as you go out and about.  It also comes with its own brush,  They have two modes of play:  Virtual Pet Mode and Freeze Dance Mode.  Pet the three touch points on their head, nose and mouth to nurture them.  They will tell you if they are tired, hungry or cold.  And they will sing while you dance with them.  They have 50 different reactions and different cute sounds.  And their eyes light up.  They use 2 CR123A batteries, which are included.  Pomsies are made by Skyrocket and are recommended for age 3 and up.  But these things are so cute that even adults love them.  The suggested retail price is $14.99.

This is one of the Pomsie Poos.  They are miniature pomsies that do not have the electronic features.  But they do still have the long wrap around tail and are still as cute as can be!  They have a heart shaped clasp to attach to your backpack, clothing or whatever you want to attach it to.  There are 12 adorable animal characters to collect including dogs, cats, pandas, foxes, koalas, bats, raccoons and more.  They are made by Skyrocket for ages 3 and up.  The suggested retail price is $4.99.  

And finally we have the Grumblies Miniacs.  These are miniature versions of the popular Grumblies characters and you can take them with you wherever you go.  These grumpy guys have highly detailed, lively facial expressions and colorful hair that you can style and shape.  They can be put on the ends of your pencils, thrown in your backpack or stack and display them on a shelf.  There are 12 different characters to collect and each one comes in individual blind packs.  They are made by Skyrocket for ages 5 and up.  The suggested retail price is $3.99.

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