Adorable Fingerbling Monkeys

Check out these new Fingerlings - the adorable Fingerbling Monkeys.  WowWee has provided me with two of them to review.

As you can see, I received Sparkle and Glitz.  They have glittery arms and legs and come with a sheet of sticker gems that you can use to give them even more bling!  Just attach them wherever you want to give them that extra sparkle.  

These special edition Fingerlings  come with the batteries already installed, so they are ready to play with as soon as you open them.  They have two sensors on their heads that you can tap to elicit responses from them.  You can trigger a variety of different reactions by tapping once or twice on either side of their heads.  Hang them upside down by their tail and watch their reaction!  If you pet them, they will blink their eyes happily and make cute little cooing sounds.  

If you cup your hand on top their heads, they will toot.  If you hold them upside down and cup your hand on top of their heads, they will burp.  Blow kisses at them and they will wither make kissing noises back at you, or they will sneeze!  So cute!

These adorable monkeys make over 40 different sounds as they respond to you.  They will respond differently when they are upside down than they do right side up.  Cradle them in your hands to put them to sleep and they will make adorable sleeping noises!  

These monkeys love to cling to things.  Let them grip your finger, the side of your notebook or even your ink pen or marker!  So take them along with you everywhere! 

Fingerlings are available in different colors and are recommended for ages 5 and up.  You can purchase them at major retailers nationwide, as well as Amazon.  The suggested retail price is $14.99. 

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