Have a family Karaoke night with the VocoPro Pop Up Oke

I received this VocoPro Pop Up Oke to review.  It has a suggested retail price of $42.00 and can be purchased from Amazon.

The VocoPro Pop Up Oke is a BlueToorh wireless karaoke microphone that also has a built in light show speaker.  It is the most convenient way to add karaoke fun no matter where you are.  It's a portable karaoke party in a single product!  You can connect it to your phone or tablet to give you access to YouTube and all of the karaoke videos they have there.  Or use the on board MP3 SD/TF player to use your own MP3's (SD/TF memory card not included and must be purchased separately).  It's the perfect size to take along with you on road trips or to family gatherings without needing to drag along tons of equipment.  And it is powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery

You can turn the multi colored LED lights on or off.  When they are turned on, the lights will flash and dance with the beat of the music, adding to the karaoke fun!  There are seven different colors!  

If you have two Pop Up Okes, you can link them together so you can perform duets.  It's always fun to do duets when singing karaoke with family and friends!  So grab a partner and put on an impromptu show for them!

The controls are all conveniently located right on the microphone.  They are positioned in such a way that it is not likely that you will get against them during a performance.  There's an echo control button as well as a voice elimination button.  Use this to remove the singer's voice from a non-karaoke track and replace it with your own.

Overall, the VocoPro Pop Up Oke is an awesome product that will provide hours of karaoke fun!  It's everything you need in one small product that is easily to carry around with you!

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