Perfect Gift For Mother's Day: A Mother's Ring

I wanted to share photos of this absolutely beautiful Mother's Ring I received from MothersFamilyRings.  Prices are very reasonable, but they vary according to the design you choose and the number of stones you choose.  Once you place your order, they create and ship your complete jewelry very quickly.    

When I first opened the package, I was very impressed to see an awesomely beautiful ring box.  I was expecting to see the standard square ring box, and was so surprised to see this one.  The box is a work of art in itself with the snakeskin like texture and the golden trimmings and clasp.  And then I opened the box...

The sight of this ring just took my breath away.  My photos do not do it justice.  It is such a beautiful ring.  The three stones are the birthstones of my three children;  November, June and July.  I have always preferred silver jewelry over gold, and this ring is sterling silver.

They have a wide variety of designs to choose from.  They have pendants and necklaces as well.  They also have stackable rings and they do engraving on selected designs.  The order process was quick and easy.  You just look at the many designs they have to offer, choose the style you like best, choose the number of stones you want and then choose the stones themselves.  I wanted a simple, elegant design; nothing big or flashy.  And this one is perfect.

MothersFamilyRings, also known as Moriarty's Gem Art, has been in the jewelry business for over 40 years.  One reason they started making the Mother's jewelry line is because they know how important family is.  The owners are Steve and Nancy Moriarty.  Two of their three children, Michael and Jeff, now work with them in the jewelry business.  You can read their story HERE.

They have made their name in the trade through extensive travels to the World's gem sources and the fine cutting done in their shop of the gems they discover.  They have extensive knowledge of the gem market and each gen is individually inspected for cut, color and clarity and that it is of natural origin. 

They state that their goal is to manufacture a unique, beautiful and meaningful ring that will be cherished by your mother, girlfriend or wife for the rest of her life.  I must say, they have achieved that goal with my ring!  I will wear it with pride and cherish it always.  Thank you so much for creating it for me!


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