#SaveAtLowes This Summer

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Are you a Lowe's shopper?  I most certainly am!  I love to go to Lowe's to browse like most like to shop for shoes.  Lowe's offers so much.

My favorite place to shop in Lowe's is the garden department.  They have so many flowers and plants to choose from.  Want to grow your own herbs?  Lowe's has you covered.  Need potting soil or a flower pot.  They have you covered.

One thing I did last month was a home school project with my son, Zach.  Zach is autistic and non verbal, so we try and have fun lessons with him.  I took him to Lowe's and let him pick out six plants.  I let him choose what he wanted.  

WE then went and picked out the pots and he chose the type and color.  Then, Lowe's will be running a special deal.  WE bought a few garden tool so we could transplant and of course, some gloves to wear while potting the plants and flowers.

Once we got home, he carefully chose  which flower he wanted to put in a pot first.  I gave him instructions and he followed them to a tee until we had everything in a pot and watered.   All we had to do after that, was make sure they got the proper light or shade and the right amount of water. All the flowers and plants from Lowe's have that garden marker in them to tell you that information.

This was an amazing way to teach a child about so many things.  Shopping, prices, getting all of your supplies, the beauty of nature, planting flowers and watching them grow.  This lesson was so successful, we are going to do this monthly! 

Everybody loves shopping for summer at Lowe's.  They have everything you need for your BBQ, outdoor seating, backyard toys and so much more.  I have a great experience every time I shop at Lowe's.  I could wander in there for hours.

Lowe's prices are great and they have a 10% military discount to, on most items.  When you check out, either show your military ID or give your email/phone number to an account that has been verified as a member of the military.

 I love that Lowe's recognizes our past and present members of the military with this discount. It is one of the main reasons I patronize Lowe's.

I have a special announcement.  Between May 11-May17, 2019 Lowe's has a great promotion going on IN STORE.  Save $5 when you buy a $100 Visa Gift Card!  This is a great buy!  There is no fee associated with buying this gift card.  You get $5 off.  So, for $95 you can get a Visa Gift Card worth $100.  You can spend a Visa Gift Card most anywhere!   Turn around and use that Visa Gift Card to make your purchases at Lowe's.
 Make sure to check out all the details on this offer in the store.

Find your nearest Lowe's by clicking HERE

I have another great surprise for you!

 We are giving away a $50 Visa Gift Card to one lucky winner.  Enter the Rafflecopter form below.

Drop me a comment below and tell me what things you shop at Lowe's for?

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  1. I really do nothing

  2. This summer I want to plant three pear seedlings and three apple trees. Thanks!

  3. First thing I want to watch at Lowe's is some soil for plants.

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