Gifts for Dad

I have some wonderful gifts for Dad!  Look below to see what we are recommending!   We are adding to this list right up until Father's day!

KeySmart is the world’s most durable compact key holder, holding up to 14 keys and includes a pocket clip and a bottle opener. KeySmart Pro comes with Tile™ smart location, so you never misplace your keys again.

Love Beyond Color is promoting equality and to love one another regardless of the color of their skin. We feel that if enough people wear our clothes, then we can change people mindset on how we treat each other. They also donate a portion of all proceeds to a non profit. Love Beyond Color is the perfect gift for a father. They have tshirts, tanks, and hoodies for men, women, and kids.

Toilet Timer. It's for dads who poo-crastinate and take their sweet time. It runs for about five minutes. With it you can help your loved one get back to the people they are trying to avoid. Great gift for that humurous Dad!

This pink camouflage hoodie and harness is perfect for Dad's favorite fur baby! Check out all the great items for your friends with paws at Frenchiestore.

Dad's will rejoice with Squaddles.  Swaddle baby with loving care with these themed Squaddles.  Comes in football, basketball, and soccer.

Give Dad the gift of fire and warnth with these Enviro-Logs!  He can use them for his next camping trip or in the back yard fire pit!

You Pops will love this beef jerky from T.O.P. ChopsLet’s be honest–most jerky is tougher than leather.T.O.P Chops was born from an old family recipe that grew so popular that, after much encouragement from friends and family, Dusty Jaquins decided to share his “southern-born”method of preparing beef jerky with the world.

- American Beef from steer not cows
- USDA choice or better graded meet
- 4 flavors include Original Beef Brisket Jerky, Teriyaki Beef Brisket Jerky, Sweet & Spice Beef Brisket Jerky and Red Chili Pepper Beef Brisket Jerky

What better gift to give than the gift of a unique time piece. This beautiful wood watch from Wood in Philosphy is like a beautiful piece of art. They have many syles to choose from and they offer engraving.

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