Guide to all things Unicorn 🦄

We are talking about all things UNICORN!  🦄🦄🦄 We are going to share our favorite Unicorn products with you.

CozyPhones are these cool headphones for kids, but I will admit, I love them, too.  Does your child hate to wear headphones? Are they uncomfortable, too big, or keep falling off? Let us introduce CozyPhones, the perfect solution for your children! With CozyPhones they don’t have to struggle with headphones falling off, or the pain of hard, oversized earbuds. CozyPhones provide hours of listening enjoyment your kids are sure to love.

SensaCalm's Peaceful Pals are weighted stuffed animals (5 lb and 3 lb) that double duty as a lovable plush friend and weighted sensory product. 
Weighted sensory products, such as blankets, lap pads, and stuffed animals like these,  provide a type of therapy called deep touch pressure stimulation, which uses gentle pressure to stimulate the feeling of being "hugged." This sensation prompts the body to release serotonin, the “feel good” chemical in the brain, helping it to calm and relax. 

SensaCalm's Peaceful Pals have the added benefit of not looking like a therapy product, even though they provide emotional support to children suffering from Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD, anxiety, or who just have trouble falling asleep

More than twenty-five million (25MM) lovable unicorns, owls, lambs, bunnies, penguins, pandas and elephants, and more, have found new homes—with toy lovers and collectors of all ages. In fact, the steadily increasing demand for Kellytoy’s award-winning Squishmallows line ( of collectible plush toys has propelled the adorable “squad” of characters into an international phenomenon and made them one of the most in-demand toys in the marketplace.

Squishmallows include more than 50 original characters and seasonal styles. Suggested retail prices range from $2.99 to $39.99, depending on the size and style.
All Squishmallows characters pop with personality and have their unique background stories detailed on their hangtags. A snuggly alternative to high tech toys, Squishmallows are made of super soft polyester with a marshmallow-like texture. They are versatile, making great pillows, bedtime buddies, travel companions and even serving as a friend in times of need to help relieve stress and anxiety. Adding to their mom appeal is their easy care: simply wash in warm water and tumble-dry on medium heat.
There are several unicorns in the Squishmallows family: Lola the Pink and Purple Tie Die Unicorn. Lola loves the color pink, watching movies with her friends, and wants to be an actress when she grows up. She loves to visit new places and dreams of traveling the world while she makes movies.

Millers All Day, a local restaurant in Charleston, South Carolina, is the only restaurant in the country to sell Unicorn Grits! The grits are famous for their sparkling, pink color and come from a rare type of corn originally grown by an Appalachian farmer after spending more than a decade collecting the rare kernels. The Unicorn Grits are softer in flavor and dazzling in presentation, and you can order them at Millers or purchase them directly from the store to make at home! 

 How about this cool Drinking Unicorn Wine Bottle Holder?  Made of poly-resin and weighing a little over three pounds, you can display you favorite bottle of wine! Thanks to Friends That Drink for this special Unicorn piece.

Check out these adorable Unicorn Cookies from Dessert Gallery!

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