Keeping Your Car Clean – A Guide

Yes, we know. Cleaning the car isn’t exactly the most glamorous job out there. You can get a quick rinse at the carwash for a good price, and that keeps it looking in good order…on the surface, at least. For most, however, the thought of a deep clean and proper detailing of the car is off-putting, and so they let it build up, and build up, until eventually the inside of the car is an utter disaster. Here’s some tips on keeping your motor spic and span.

Make a plan, and stick to it. Create a simple cleaning rota where you split everything into small, bite-size jobs. Monday: Wipe down the steering wheel and dash, Tuesday: Vacuum the driver’s side, Wednesday…you get the idea. Doing small manageable jobs each day will keep things in good order in the long run.

Get creative. Find simple solutions to clean into the spots you may forget. For example, you can use an old sock to clean the cup holders. Just put your hand in there and rub it around good in the cup holder, it’ll get into the full space, picking up all the bits and pieces that get stuck down there over time.

Use all the attachments on the vacuum. The main vacuum head and tube won’t be enough to do a proper clean of the vehicle. You’ll need the other attachments to help get into the nooks and crannies that conceal some of the worst dirt and dust.

Check your cleaning products. There may be some items, especially for the exterior of the car, that are not suitable for your car’s model, paint type or other external feature. When cleaning the wheels, for instance, you need to make sure that you get cleaning products that are suitable for all surfaces. There’s no telling what accidental damage you might do with the wrong products.

Stay on top of pet hair. If your dog is a regular passenger, then you need to stay on top of the fur cleanup, because that can infect your entire vehicle in ways that become unbearable. Even the professional detailers struggle with cars that have had long-term canine use and no proper cleaning routine. Use a wet rubber glove or strong tape to shift the hair from where it’s getting embedded in the upholstery or carpeting, and then vacuum it up. Better yet, brush the dog before you let it in the car, or contain it to one area of the car to minimize the spread of stray fur.

Follow these tips and you’ll keep a clean, ship shape vehicle for the whole family to enjoy.

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