These Courage Kid Puppets help children understand the differences in all of us!

June 20, 2019

I received these puppets from Dexter Education Toys for review.

The Courage Kids 7 Piece Multicultural Puppet Set helps children understand the differences in all of us.  They are made in the USA and are screen printed on a cotton/poly blend fabric.  They are durable and washable, making them perfect for daycare, classroom or home use.  They come with lesson plans so you can easily promote awareness of people who may be differently abled in a positive way. 

These puppets feature a ballerina with a prosthetic foot, a hearing impaired boy in a t-shirt that shows a hand signing "I love you", a girl in a wheelchair, a girl with a birthmark on her face, a boy wearing glasses, a boy with vision impairment and a child in a hospital gown.  All of them are smiling.

Children often feel uncomfortable sharing information or asking questions about some one who is different in some way or may have special needs.  These puppets can ease that discomfort and make it easier for them.  A child with a prosthetic foot could use the ballerina puppet to explain that she is still able to dance if she wants to.  And a child with a hearing impairment could use the matching puppet to explain that he is still able to communicate.  

The puppets come with an information sheet that contains name suggestions for the puppets.  But you can choose to let the children name them themselves.  Whether you want to educate children about cultural differences, differences in physical appearance or special needs, these puppets will help you get your message across in a fun and positive way. 

The regular price of these puppets is $19.99 for the set, but they are on sale right now for $16.99.  You can purchase them HERE.

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