Top Tips: Preparing for a Road Trip

Summer is here and that means the family road trip to “Wherever, USA” is almost upon you, too. We know that packing for a road trip can seem like a real ordeal, especially for a family with young kids. It’s not just the distance or the gas mileage, it’s keeping the kids entertained, being ready for anything, having snacks and so much more. Here’s our handy guide to getting the car properly stocked before the big road trip.

1. Bring all the essential documents – pack your license, registration and a copy of your insurance information somewhere safe but easily accessible (like the glove box) just in case. You should always have them ready in your car, anyway.

2. Think of emergency supplies – a first-aid kit, a roadside emergency kit, blankets and travel pillows for comfortable sleeps along the way. Check the spare tire is in working order, and do some simple maintenance checks; tire pressure, oil, air filters etc. before you go. Finally, don’t forget toilet paper and/or Clorox wipes, because…well…everybody needs them!

3. Entertainment for the kids – if they’re on screen time, then portable DVD players, tablet computers or something that can play movies and TV to keep them amused for a few hours. If your car has them built in then bully for you. If they’re not on screen time, then a fun sing-along playlist for the car is a good idea, as well as a bank of easy-to-play travel games. I Spy, spot the car brand, license plate numbers, visual scavenger hunts…the sky’s the limit.

4. Snacks – audio-visual entertainment is never truly enough. To really keep everyone in the car happy, you need snacks. Don’t just plump straight for the easy chips or other high-salt snacks. If you plan, you can prepare some delicious and healthy treats that give the right amount of fiber and protein to every passenger. Celery sticks with peanut butter, carrot sticks, hummus, apple slices, trail mix, pb&j --- the list goes on.

5. Summer gear – wherever you’re going this summer, there’s a good chance that even on the way you’ll be under the baking sun or outdoors more than usual. Pack sunglasses, hats and sunscreen for you and the whole family. Better to have these things and then not need them than the other way around.

Take our advice and packing for the trip won’t seem like such an ordeal! What’s more, it’ll help facilitate a happier and more fun car journey for all concerned. Happy and safe travels, everyone!


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  1. Lots of great advice here. Thanks for sharing it.


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