What you need to know about divorce

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Divorce is never easy. There are many Things to consider when you get a divorce. No matter how long you have been married When it comes to divorce It is always hard. Sometimes your situation calls for a divorce.  Having been divorced myself, the best advice I can give you is to get a  divorce attorney.

There are many legalities governing divorce and your best bet is to get an attorney if you are thinking about divorce.  You need an attorney who has experience in divorce cases. Each state has different laws about filing for divorce, whether or not you have children, property division, and much more.  Having an attorney is a must.

I actually used to work for an attorney that handled quite a few divorce cases.  I always told clients to get a notebook and write down any pertinent information and when they would call us or when we called them, they would have a record of the information they needed to relay. Getting a divorce is an emotional roller coaster for some and having that notebook  full of the information you might otherwise forget became a valuable asset.

If you have children and want a divorce, there are many aspects to work out with the other parent. Child support, visitation, custody, who gets physical custody and many other variables.  A lot of states also require you to attend a parenting class before you can get the actual divorce.  With so many things to consider, having an attorney is your best best.

Division of assets is a tricky situation at times.  Depending on what state you live in, the laws are different. Your attorney can help you get the best deal  in this division.  Both parties will have to submit financial statements, so that the court can see who has what, and what needs to be divided.

If you are thinking about divorce, let me tell you, it is an emotional roller coaster at times.  It is NOT a simple process. You need an attorney.  Do NOT try and file the papers yourself that you see online.  One tiny mistake and you have had to pay for a filing that the court will not accept.  This is the time that you want to get things 100% accurate. Get an attorney!  I can not say that enough.

No matter the reason you are seeking a divorce, an attorney can and will help you. The ins and outs and all the legal terms can be confusing to most people.  That is why the attorney is there:  to help you understand.

Divorce is not just dissolving the marriage, there are others things that need to be settled.  Who is going to pay the credit card bill(s), who gets the car, who gets the camper?  All this needs to be settled at the time of the divorce. Will you have to pay alimony?  Did you have a pre-nuptial agreement?  With so much going on, get an attorney.

Having been a divorcee myself, the best advice I give people is:  You are two adults that want a divorce.  Work out the issues yourself and BOTH parties go to an attorney to finalize things.  This will save you tons of money and it works out better for all parties involved, especially if there are kids.

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