Back to school essentials

Tom's of Maine has all your back to school essentials for your oral hygiene. From great tasting toothpaste that your kids will love, to deodorant so they smell great all day!  What is your favorite product? 

Do you know the Silly Brushing Song?  Since we are huge fans of Laurie Berkner, my son sings this all the time!   It helps with the time it takes to brush your teeth and is especially helpful since my son is on the autism spectrum and has sensitivities to brushing.

Thanks to Tom's of Maine for all of these products.
Need a little help getting back into a steady school year routine? Consider a trusted and great-tasting natural toothpaste. Tom’s of Maine Silly Strawberry is the #1 natural kids toothpaste made with delicious real fruit flavor that kids love – and with no artificial flavors, dyes, sweeteners…or sparkles. Available in fluoride (ADA-accepted) and fluoride-free.

For little ones who need a little extra motivation, try turning on the “Silly Brushing Song,” created with legendary children’s singer Laurie Berkner, to help kids brush for the full two minutes.
Tom's of Maine is silly excited to introduce its NEW Silly Strawberry Kids Mouthwash as the perfect complement to its popular Silly Strawberry Toothpaste. With no artificial dyes, flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives, the mouthwash freshens breath and provides cavity protection for a healthy smile. Featuring the great-tasting Silly Strawberry flavor kids love, the mouthwash is a welcome addition to any kid’s brushing routine, no battles, bargaining or bribes required!

For the child who is ready to move beyond fruit or bubblegum flavors, Tom’s of Maine has a wicked cooloption. The mild mint of Wicked Cool! fluoride toothpaste is perfect for kids who want to try a minty fresh toothpaste, but don't like the strong flavors in many adult toothpastes. Wicked Cool! strengthens enamel and freshens breath, plus it is ADA-accepted to help prevent cavities.

As tween parents know, there comes a time when their child wants (or needs!) to start using deodorant. Tom’s of Maine offers a solution: a natural deodorant designed just for kids, when they’re ready, with no aluminum, parabens or artificial fragrances. Tom’s of Maine Wicked Cool! Deodorants provide 24-hour odor protection with 100% naturally-derived ingredients and use natural fragrances – available in Freestyle for boys and Summer Funfor girls.


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