Swampbutt Underwear: Made especially for HOT people.

I received this underwear from Swampbutt for review.

Made from a blend of spandex and lycra, Swampbutt underwear wicks moisture away from your skin and dries quickly.  This helps control that dreaded condition known as "swampbutt".  The spandex allows them to stretch for a comfortable fit, yet retain their original shape when you take them off.

These underwear are great for kids returning to school,.  Especially for those who participate in sports.  The heat in the classrooms and during sports practice and games can make students sweat a lot.  This results in the notorious foul smelling locker rooms.  Swampbutt underwear will help control that.

Anyone can benefit from wearing these underwear.  Whether it's firefighters, factory workers, sports players, hikers or ANYONE!  If you sweat, you will love this product! 

Even the name of the underwear provides a service:  making you chuckle.  My kids laughed when I gave these underwear to my husband.  Right on the waistband it says, "Swampbutt - UNDERWEAR FOR HOT PEOPLE".  

The underwear is available in several different colors and they have t-shirts as well.  They currently only have men's underwear, but a line of women's underwear in development.  You can purchase Swampbutt Underwear directly from their website.    

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