Signs Your Car Might be Ready for Servicing

Even top-engineered machines like the Hyundai will eventually need car servicing. Fortunately, your local dealership is perfectly equipped to fix up any issues that arise with your car. They have the right parts, the tools and the know-how. One question remains, however. How exactly do you know when your car might be in need of professional attention? Spotting some of the signs early is a good way to avoid more serious damage (and bigger bills) later on. We’ve prepared a list of common signs that your car might need some care:

1. Anything is leaking from the engine or other part of the car
No leak of any fluid is normal on your car. If you spot a trail of drips in your driveway, or a pool of something gathering underneath your car or under the hood, then this needs to be addressed right away. It could be an oil leak, or even a transmission or brake fluid leak.

2. Grinding or tapping noises from the engine
Your engine makes an array of sounds, many of which are absolutely normal. Grinding or tapping/knocking noises, however are not a good sign. They could signify that your timing belt is worn, or that parts that shouldn’t be making contact are colliding or abrading each other. Treat any unusual noise as a reminder to drop the car at the dealership for a tune up.

3. You’ve driven 10,000 miles without a service
If your car was brand new and you’ve completed your first 10,000 miles, congratulations! But, even the newest cars might need an oil or filter change. If you’ve had no servicing at all in your first 10,000 miles, then you might hit some difficulties very soon. Ignoring basic maintenance is a sure-fire way to create more serious problems later on.

4. You feel a slight pull to one side when you’re driving
If you notice that things seem a little off-balance when you’re driving, you might have an alignment or axle problem that needs attention. When you’re driving in a straight line, does the car seem to jerk or even gently veer in to the left or right? Does your steering wheel return to a center position when driving straight? If you’re veering, or the wheel isn’t centering, then these are indicators of steering or alignment problems.

5. You see a dash warning light
Finally, but perhaps most obviously, if you see a warning light on your dash display, it means the car has an issue in need of checking. It could be tire pressure, oil, power steering problems or something else. The dash lights are not arbitrary, nor are they overly sensitive. Heed their warnings.

Your local dealership is always on hand to help you with any problems you are having. Better yet, they are usually uniquely qualified and equipped to fix the make and model of car that you purchased from them. Contact your dealership today if you think your car needs help.

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