Baby Secrets have gone Itzy Glitzy and the Merbabies are hiding in a treasure chest!

These products were provided to me by Headstart for review.

It’s time to shine with the Itzy Glitzy Baby Secrets!  Your favorite babies are back and now they're all glittery!  Kids love glittle and these babies are covered with it.  Watch them sparkle and shine for you.  Is your baby a boy or a girl?  There's only one way to find out!  Dip your baby in the water and the secret will be revealed!  There are 16 babies to collect, including the Limited Edition Glitter Royal Baby.  Which one will you get?  You can purchase Itzy Glitzy Baby Secrets at Walgreens and Toy Wiz for $3.99 each.

Merbabie Treasure Keypers is a new series of Merbabies that is now available and they are hiding inside treasure chests!  What other treasures are hidden in there with them?  Use the key to open the chest and discover your new Merbaby and other treasures!  It's really impossible to tell if a Merbaby is a boy or a girl.  The only way I know to find our is to dip them in water.   When you spin the Merbaby's tail, it will go for a swim!  Just between you and me, hidden inside of each treasure chest is a Merbaby, a charm bracelet with charms, and other accessories for you and your Merbaby!  There are even more secrets when you create a Merbabies Treasure Hunt!  Use the clue template provided and hide the treasures for your treasure seekers!  You can purchase your very own Merbaby Treasure Keyper at Target, Cracker Barrel, Party City, Bed Bad and Beyond, Amazon, and Toy Wiz for $5.99.

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