Buy Your Next Jeep Before 2019 Finishes

Buy Your Next Jeep Before 2019 Finishes

The year is almost up, and you might be thinking to yourself that in 2020 you want to buy yourself a new car. It’s a new decade, so I should have a new car. It’s a good line of thinking, but there are good reasons to bring up your schedule somewhat. Instead of waiting until 2020, here are all the best reasons for you to get your new Jeep in 2019.
First, the personal financial savings (especially at end of year)
Throughout the year, many dealerships offer discounts, whether it be for a summer sale or end-of-the-month promotion. Those discounts typically become more pronounced at the end of the year in November and December. Winter time and the holiday season is a tough time for car sales. The weather in most places is cold, dark and unpleasant, keeping them safely and warmly at home instead of heading out to the dealership to see what’s on offer. Dealerships are, therefore, more incentivized to give greater discounts.

Besides the weather for the time of year, the dealership also wants to make room for the stock of 2020 models that are coming in. It therefore makes sense for great deals to be offered to entice new buyers to snap up 2019 models at amazing rates.

Second, tax breaks for businesses
Not every purchase of a Jeep will be for personal use. You may want to get something for business use. If that’s true, then there are advantages to buying up 2019 stock instead of opting for 2020 models. The first is the tax breaks to be had on any vehicle you purchase that will be used at least 50 percent for business purposes. Buying from 2019 stock also saves your business money, while giving you vehicles with many or all of the best features of Jeep, while perhaps just losing out on the very latest innovations which aren’t necessarily needed for your company utility.

Third, you can get a higher specification
Finally, buying at the end of the year and sticking with 2019 models means that you can get more Jeep for your buck! Lower prices mean your budget stretches much further. Did you plan on getting the Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo next year? How about getting the 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee Upland or Limited instead?

Remember that not every year is a big redesign year, and there are great deals to be had this December at your local Jeep dealership. If you’re determined to get the 2020 model, then it’s a good choice and you go right ahead, but if you’re reconsidering, you can reap the benefits by visiting the dealership today.

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